So I will be going to a Mad Men/ Rat Pack themed party very soon, and all I can say is this is my kind of party.

To get started Mad Men is set in the 60s. I'm telling you this so you don't get wrapped up in any 40s or 50s which a lot of people tend to think when they here MM. Still, we can get away with a little bit of 50s wear if it is more late 50s.

Try searching for 50s inspired clothing at ModCloth to get a sense of the silhouettes.

It's mostly tailored sheath dresses and fit and flare dresses with boat neck, portrait, or sweet heart necklines. Unique Vintage is another great source for 50s or 60s inspired dresses. Bettie Page, Heart Breaker, and Stop Staring are brands that won't steer you wrong.

Try pinterest, it has a lot of great ideas for dresses of the 1950's and 1960's- focus on cocktail dresses in pretty pastels.

If I were picking a dress for a party like that, I'd probably pick something that says femme fetale.

Youtube has tons and tons of tutorials on vintage hair and make up. Be prepared to spend some quality time with your curling iron and hair spray!

Also make sure you look at pictures of the hair and makeup of the time- controlled curls and a bold lip and here is a tutorial on how to do your makeup like Audrey Hepburn's.

The thing that I really like about the party is that is a going to be a baby shower of sorts. I think that the idea to skip the tradaitional things, and go with a more styled (she is part of my Lindy Hop group) gets you away from the cutesty baby shower, and make it more of a party, which has very little reference to the shower, I would say it is more a spinkle.

And the time that was picked out along with the theme, well, it really just nails it.

I couldn't be more excited. Oh, I could, but I will contain myself.

We have a group (co-ed) with about 20 people. We are going to have it in a private room. I think they said that all together it is going to cost about $600 for the venue and catering. I was amazed. I thought that everybody was going to bring food in, no, any alcohol has to be purchased from them extra though.


I just love the The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey - Closer cover. It really hits the spot. But then I also love the lead singer, his name is Kenton Chen. He has amazing vocal ability, especially with falsetto.

Falsetto is in mechanical sense, about contracting your vocal cords to make your voice much higher. When you try to do a Micky Mouse voice that is falsetto. If a singer is good enough at controlling their falsetto range it can sound very good.

But that takes a ton of practice.

Just as long as you aren't tone deaf.

Time deafness is a physical thing, similar to how colorblindness works, with a lack of certain sensors in their respective organs, if you're tone deaf, you can't learn how to hear tonality, but. That doesn't actually mean you can't sing. You'll just have to learn a different way to tell how on key you are etc.

Singing is 'just' muscle coordination, strength, breathing, memorisation and confidence! Also it helps if your skull is the right shape.

The truth is that while not everybody can be Beyoncé just like they can be an Olympic athlete. Most people can be trained to sing really well just like they can run long distances.