I hate the 80's. And now I will be attending a party that is focusing completely on the 80's. Think Miami Vice or something like that.

A lot of my friends, and mostly everyone going, will most likely be wearing some horrible disco suits with fake afros and stuff, or tracksuits in funky colors or something, that really doesn't fit.

My issue is, that I'm not really up for spending money on something like that, since I know theres no way in hell I'd wear it again.

And is there any outfits from the 80's that look good?

The standard advice I have gotten for theme parties is Goodwill. I think that doubly applies if its a theme you don't like. But I am not sure if this is going to work here.

I am thinking about getting a fake vintage rock tee from H&M for like 10 bucks, probably already own a pair of jeans that would work well enough, and any sort of retro sneaker would probably work too.

But other than that. I am not spending more.