Montreal Swing Riot 2016 - Vintage vs Modern Street Dancers - Part 1 of the Invitational Battle

Montreal Swing Riot 2016 - Vintage vs Modern Street Dancers - Part 1 of the Invitational Battle.

I just watched this amazing video. It really captures the beauty of retro/vintage dance and modern street dancing. I was hooked the first time I watched it. No matter how you look at it is really cool, but what stood out to me is that this video has thetallest, skinniest dude I have ever seen.

One thing that really got to me though was when I was reading the comments. The comments on that video are embarrassing. People insulting and making fun of a 15 year old kid. We have no idea what it's like to be him, have a little compassion.

If I could dance I would go for it.

I stumbled over my feet many times when I started swing dancing. I still don't have great body control.

Also realize you are watching literal professionals dancing. These are world class dancers. I've now been dancing Lindy hop just under 8 years and it brings tons of joy into my life!


I admit, I was disappointed when 3D took off, because 2D games became extinct. And their revival has been more towards option one, whereas I'd love to see what 2D games could be with current technology.

While not necessarily for the PS4, there are a couple adventure game companies that use high res 2D, and the games look stunning.

While I agree that it is certainly flooding the market.

From an indie developer standpoint, it is the cheapest thing to produce. Much, much cheaper than modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, and baking a 3d model. So don't expect it to go anywhere.

That means that you are missing out an important middle-ground in between 320×240 2D sprite-based graphics and 1080p 3D rendering: 1080p 2D sprite-based graphics.

Braid, Bastion, and The Binding of Isaac (original version) all have great non-retro 2D graphics, without having to resort to fully 3D rendered imagery. So the options are:

  • 320×240, 2D sprite-based (very cheap, looks outdated)
  • 1080p, 2D sprite-based (cheap-ish, looks beautiful)
  • 1080p, 3D rendering. (very expensive, looks beautiful)

I'd say the middle option is under-utilized by current indie developers. I'd love to see more beautiful 2D artwork.

Fez is a great 2d game with a 3d aspect which I felt was unfortunantly overrated.

I really wanted to like it. The gimick is amazing, but overall actually playing it is boring.

The art isn't exactly bad, but it isn't that good either.

It seemed to go for the retro style because the artists weren't that good, and I always feel that's kind of a cop out.

That's forgivable, but all you do is hunt for puzzle pieces with not very well made puzzles. Nothing was hard, just everything seemed tedius and I never felt good about finding anything. It was a lot of "Oh this piece was just badly obscured."

Maybe the game opens up at some point, but it's such a yawn fest for the first couple of hours that I can't really get into it no matter how much I've tried.

I kind of wish somebody would blatantly still the awesome concept of rotating 2d levels in 3d and make a good game out of it. All the good ideas got used on the first area of FEZ.

Perspective was a much better take on the 2D 3D idea, imo. I played that one first so I guess it gave me higher hopes for what FEZ could be.

At least gameplay wise.


I wear two brands of sneakers, Superga and Tretorn. Both have models that have been in production for decades, so they're not really retro designs, they simply haven't changed. Plus they're more common in Sweden and Italy - you won't see many people wearing them in the US.

Which is how I like my retro, I don't want to see everybody running around in them, just me.

If I want that I will just get the chucks. For $45 they should last you at least a year. I literally wore mine nearly everyday for a year and other than being permanently dirty, they're still wearable. Also consider Pro-Keds and PF Flyers; the fabric/leather uppers seem a bit heftier than what's provided for Chuck Taylors these days.

I just replaced them with Nike Koston hypervulcs, can't speak on longevity yet but they are incredibly comfortable.

Note: PF Flyers are prolly best for over-pronators -- i.e., flat feet, fallen/low arches, soles wear at the inboard side sooner -- as they have a lateral wedge embedded in the midsole (their "Posture Foundation" sole) to coax an outward roll, countering the inward roll of pronation.