I would love to sing really well, I have wanted to since I was a child, yet I am a little tone deaf.

I am not truly tone deaf. I have gotten better plus I really love music. If you are truly tone deaf, it is unlikely you would listen to any music because tone deafness implies you literally cannot differentiate frequencies, like at all, and it is very rare. You may have piss poor relative pitch, but that can be improved with practice. Singing is just like any other instrument.

It just takes practice.

You may not be the next Adele or Pavarotti or whatever, but you can definitely learn how to hold a tune and clearly sing notes in two octaves.

A good timbre is also incredibly important, and it trips a lot of people up because it is seen as something you are born with or not. But this is also something you can improve greatly with practice. Again, you may not ever have the silky smooth voice of Bruno Mars, but you can definitely be better than the average person.

There's a ton of online material on learning how to sing that you can use.

Personal teachers are better, for voice moreso than other instruments because it is more difficult to tell if you are doing something wrong, but if you're just doing it for shits and giggles, youtube is your best bet.

If you feel like you're hopeless, just take heart, you can learn to sing, just like you can learn to dance.