I was disappointed by the lack of swing dancing (it looked there was a kind of "swing lite" in the background of a couple scenes) but I was interested in the fact that they depicted "[not] our kind of jazz" as being dance music.

Or even that a jazz club is a place you would go to dance.

Every time I've been to a "jazz club" (outside of New Orleans) people sit and listen in a hushed manner. And I know that after the swing era jazz musicians no longer considered that they were playing for dancers but instead only for "listeners," but when you see all the bopping heads and other body parts at a jazz club, you know that at least some people would like to be able to dance.

Yet I still loved it.

Sebastian and Mia's struggles hit so close to home. As a lindy hopper I definitely squeeled at the half break portion of the shim sham shimmy Mia and Sebastian did, as well as the mention of Chick Webb (thanks again focus) and what appeared to be a lindy circle performed by an extra.

Really can't recommend the film enough if it's playing near you. Failing that, wait for it to come out on Netflix/ hbo/dvd/pirate bay.